Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive Planning is the process of tying together estate, business, risk, insurance, retirement, tax, investment and charitable planning along with family goals and ambitions into one cohesive and integrated financial blueprint. 

Planning Focus

We understand that a properly constructed financial plan requires coordination with other unaffiliated professional consultants.  Together we provide the expertise, experience and resources needed to help properly establish and carry out a plan that meets clients’ financial goals and ambitions.

Spectrum Financial Group enforces the idea that planning, not products, is the best way to help ensure your goals are being met. Upon our first meeting with a client our objective is to find out what being financially secure means to you and what your big picture entails. We understand that each individual and business is unique and yet at the foundation are each looking for guidance to achieve a specific result. From simple budgeting to retirement we take tremendous pride in our process as it is not intended to sell you on products and services but is a step-by-step strategy that will adapt and progress as your life and objectives change. 


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