Meet our Brokerage Team


Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) helps brokers keep their clients covered through local support services, a wide array of high quality insurance products, estate and business planning expertise, and a relationship-based approach.

Our Brokerage Team is committed to helping you grow your practice by:

  • Demonstrating income and asset protection strategies using our portfolio of Life, Disability and fixed Annuity products.  

  • Providing concepts and talking points to help you confidently approach business owners to protect themselves, their business and their employees. 

  • Helping you explore opportunities in the estate planning market.  

  • Supporting you with case design, competitive analysis and positioning, and field underwriting

  • Assisting you with target marketing ideas and approaches, materials, product literature, and probing questions to confidently approach high net worth clients.


One-on-One Consultation and Advanced Market Support

  • Target marketing ideas

  • Case consultations and field underwriting assessment

  • Competitive Analysis by local and Advanced Sales Team members

  • Joint meetings with you and as needed our regional specialists for Life, Disability and Worksite planning

  • Provide Industry updates

  • Assistance in navigating MassMutual online resources and sales tools

  • Illustration and Case design assistance

  • Product questions

  • Marketing and literature

  • New business forms and processing

  • Reference material

  • Field underwriting questions

  • Competitive analysis 

  • Conference with you and your clients and their advisors by phone or in person when applicable



We provide a host of live and online educational opportunities so that you can learn about life and disability income benefits and concepts for individuals as well as for the unique needs of business owners.  Classes feature:

  • Product training

  • Illustration and case design training

  • Approaches for the Individual and Business Owner Markets

  • Case studies with role play practice

  • New business process and Best Practices

  • Accredited Continuing Education classes

We are here to partner with you in growing your practice.  Please engage to let us know how we can help you help your clients. 

Nick Harrison

Brokerage Director

MassMutual Brokerage

13455 Noel Rd. 20th Floor

Dallas TX 75240

(972) 455-4344

Cynthia Mook

Brokerage Director

MassMutual Brokerage

13455 Noel Rd. 20th Floor

Dallas TX 75240

(972) 455-4313 


13455 Noel Rd. 20th Floor

Dallas, TX 75240​

Fax: 972.246.1899

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