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Starting a career with SFG offers you flexibility in your schedule, significant potential income, professional growth, and a chance to better the lives of the people in your community. Whether you are just starting out, considering a mid-career change, or are an experienced producer, we offer a range of lifetime learning opportunities that meet your current skill set.

Dan Lengyel

| Co-Ceo | Registered Principal

Patrick Thuecks

| Co-Ceo | Registered Principal

Deanie Neece

| Senior Partner Chief of Staff

Kyle Hogue

| Senior Director of Sales

SFG Value



Designed for the financial professional who values the freedom to brand & build their business the way they want; affiliated career contract & benefits; ability to brand/market independently; be vested in your book of business and build equity in your practice.

Holistic Planning Firm

For financial professionals seeking a planning vs product approach; designed to allow financial professionals to focus on helping clients with unbiased financial advice.

Multiple Business Income Streams

Maximize income and build wealth utilizing different client platforms and relationships; ability to build a team and own your personal practice at the same time


Access to our “Development Process” Business Coaching Model that helps you move from a sole proprietary financial professional to a business with a team that supports you.


Participate in client acquisition and lead programs run by marketing support; additional firm contributions to personal marketing efforts based on practice needs.


Utilize industry leading technology to support client engagement, marketing initiatives, planning tools and virtual workspace

  • It’s too late for me, I should have started a long time ago.
    Starting early definitely helps, but the good news is, you can still do things now to improve where you are and where you are headed.

    Jeffrey D. Cummins, CPA, MBA, CFP®
  • Working with a financial professional is scary or intimidating.
    It might be a bit nerve racking up front, but most of our clients say they wished they would have reached out sooner if they knew planning for their future could be this fun and simple.

    Randy Black, CFP®
  • Life Insurance is not for me but for other people.
    Whole Life Insurance can supplement your retirement income, be used for Long Term Care and still be able to use as a death benefit for your loved ones.*

    Andrea Kim
    Sales Manager | Financial Advisor

* Benefits

Freedom to Realize Potential

At Spectrum Financial Group, you’re part of an entrepreneurial system in which you’re free to help your clients choose products and services that fit their needs. This gives you extensive POTENTIAL to maximize your impact as well as your income.

Support for Entrepreneurship

We are set up to support you on administrative items so you can focus on the entrepreneurial activities that get results — like meeting with people and explaining how you can help them.

Teaming Environment

An optional team-based business model enables our FINANCIAL PROFESSIONALS OPPORTUNITIES to accelerate their growth and provide a differentiated client experience.Teaming can allow the opportunity for shared accountability and resources, increased efficiency, business continuity and further specialization into targeted niche markets.

Leaders who Really Listen

You can always count on being treated with respect. Producers really matter to us and we show our appreciation every day. To the extent possible, we actively seek out the ideas and input of our affiliated Financial Service Representatives (FSRs) in the formulation of our strategies and products and service approaches.

There’s Room to Grow

At Spectrum Financial Group, you may decide that continuing a practice as a Financial Services Representative* is right for you over the long term, or you can advance your career with our management track. If eligible, you may be selected for our Managing Associate program which allows you to continue as a Financial Services Representative while sampling a leadership role in the agency.

Think of us as your Resource Network

With Spectrum Financial Group resources behind you, you decide how to run your business for maximum growth and profitability. We support advanced planning systems, so you have the finest tools to serve your clients’ needs both comprehensively and effectively.

Professional Culture

Financial Professional- Centered Culture
Entrepreneurship Drives Mindset & Pace
Focus on Business Growth & Success
Communication & Cooperation are our Watchwords
Relationships are Strong, Resilient, & Family-like

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*Eligibility applies only to those Financial Services Professionals who hold a full-time career contract with MassMutual. Eligibility for subsidized benefits and before-tax coverage is based on meeting certain contract requirements. Benefit plan provisions are subject to modification or termination. Financial Services Professionals are independent contractors and are not employees of MassMutual, its subsidiaries, or of General Agents with whom they contract.